Monday, August 25, 2008

Look Who's Back @ Howey's on 71

Look who's back in Oswego! Yep, it's me...'Smokin' Scotty G!

I'm hosting The CarTunes Karaoke Show at 'Howey's on 71' on Friday nights. Back again after a long hiatus.

The original plan, I'm told, was to offer karaoke every other Friday night, with dance music deejaying on the opposite nights. However, after speaking with Don Friday night, he said that any Friday night that singers show up and want to sing...then sing they shall.

One caveat I want my singers to be aware of, however, is unless there is a long rotation of singers, we'll let everyone sing, take a short musical intermission, then go back to singing with another intermission later on.

As an added feature, there will even be guest musicians from time to time providing live music for your entertainment and enjoyment!

We'll see how well it works in the upcoming weeks so please be patient with us during this testing phase.

So if you're ready to hit the stage and sing your heart out or prefer to shake your booty...even if you'd rather sit back and enjoy the tunes and talent with a tall cold one...Howey's is the place for you!

Please help me spread the word 'cause we're gonna have some fun on Friday nights!

For those of you who haven't been to Howey's, it's a great, clean establishment away from all the craziness of downtown, with a friendly staff, great food, and very reasonable prices.

So come on by this Friday and be sure to let me know you saw this post.

Keep smilin',



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